This Chick Read: The Queen’s Rising by Rebecca Ross

The Queen’s Rising is a fantasy novel that has an old world European feel. Brienne has been at the Marigald estate since she was ten studying for her passion, an affinity for Art, Music, Knowledge, Wit and Dramatics. The trouble is, Brienne didn’t go into this school with an affinity for any of these, she dabbled a bit with each before settling on knowledge with only three years left to study. The opening to this novel felt a little bit like Kiera Cass’s Selection series, however at the end of their schooling, instead of getting picked to marry a prince, they find a patron. A job interview of sorts, where they sign a contract and move on with their life. At least that’s what’s supposed to happen.

Although this novel starts with a bunch of girls at school, it’s actually very political. Brienne may have trouble figuring out her passion, but when memories surface of a past relative that may have implications that could change a monarchy, she doesn’t hesitate to get involved. Brienne learns that her heritage may be the key to making change to a monarchy.

There was quite a lot to love in this novel. I loved the world building. It was easy to enmesh myself as a reader because it was not that dissimilar to our world politically. It was a fantasy novel, so no planes, trains and automobiles, instead there were carriages, castles and candles. I felt like I was reading a historical novel, but more in the vein of King Arthur’s realm. It was easy to like Brienne. She seemed very young and insecure in the beginning but as the story went on she overcame those insecurities and found an inner strength. I liked her Master (teacher) Cartier. They had a forbidden attraction that added some tension to help move the plot forward and added emotion to the story.

This was Rebecca Ross’s debut novel and boy did she deliver! Put The Queen’s Rising on your TBR folks, this one is a winner! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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This Chicks Uppercase Box Reveal- Jan18

It’s a new year and just to switch things up a little I’m going to start including a monthly post called This Chicks Uppercase Box Reveal.  I subscribe to a Young Adult book of the month club called Uppercase Box. Yes, I am a little outside the demographic but I got the subscription when I was writing a young adult novel and have kept it because I got addicted to the fun monthly surprise in a box, and a book pick that was not usually on my radar. In addition to some book themed goodies, what makes this subscription so unique is that each novel comes with keywords that you can use to sign in online and interact with other readers, view videos from the author and read tidbits about what the author was thinking when they wrote a certain portion of the book. Behind the scenes insight which makes the reading experience even more enjoyable!  If you’d like more information go to and read their blurb.

Now, for the big reveal! When I first open the package, I see an Uppercase Box bag filled with goodies.

Conspiracy bag

There were a few things inside the bag besides the book:  A magnet with a quote from the book- No One Knows But We Will , a typewriter sticker (a little young and sweet for my taste, but great to pass along to a fellow reader), and wooden rocket bookmark. There is a couple of hints in this photo below that reveals a little bit about the book…

Conspiracy bookmark

Conspiracy- Jane Austen card

The above card would be great framed wouldn’t it? It has a nice quote from Jane Austen that reads “I Declare After All There Is No Enjoyment Like Reading”. Amen sister! This is definitely true in my household!

Now for the January 12018 Uppercase Box Book, drumroll……..

A signed copy of A Conspiracy of Stars by Olivia A Cole


Octavia has always dreamed of becoming a whitecoat, one of the prestigious N’Terra scientists who study the natural wonders of Faloiv. So when the once-secretive labs are suddenly opened to students, she leaps at the chance to see what happens behind their closed doors.

However, she quickly discovers that all is not what it seems on Faloiv, and the experiments the whitecoats have been doing run the risk of upsetting the humans’ fragile peace with the Faloii, Faloiv’s indigenous people.

As secret after disturbing secret comes to light, Octavia finds herself on a collision course with the charismatic and extremist new leader of N’Terra’s ruling council. But by uncovering the mysteries behind the history she’s been taught, the science she’s lived by, and the truth about her family, she threatens to be the catalyst for an all-out war.

This is a recent release and I haven’t heard of this book. However, I really enjoy Science Fiction books and think this one sounds pretty good!

Have any of you read this book yet? If so, let me know if you liked it!

When I get it read, you will definitely see my review on The Reading Chick!

Happy Reading!