This Chicks Take Control of my TBR Challenge Final Count! #TakeControlTBR

The Challenge was to pare down my TBR list during he month of March. The books had to be published before 3/1/17, so no ARC’s! However, I did have some ARC review commitments and that did cut down on my count. Because of those commitments I only gave myself a goal of reading 12 books off my TBR. In one month? Easy peasy! Mixed in with ARC’s? Hmmm. Surprisingly, I still blew it away!  At the end of last week I only needed one book to hit my challenge goal. I read three! I’ll admit, one was an ARC but it was a re-release so I thought it counted as it was published in 2013.  Lol. All of these books were great. My review for Angelbound is out, and the other two will be soon. Continue reading “This Chicks Take Control of my TBR Challenge Final Count! #TakeControlTBR”