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I read a lot. Yes, I have a full time job, am married and have a cat and a dog. But I love to read. Therefore I will blog.

I think one of life’s greatest enjoyments, behind travel, great food, and well, sex, is finding someone who has read the same book you have and discussing it.  I love that thrill when you can argue about a books strengths and weaknesses, plot points and characters.  Or when you can truly recommend a great book.

I hope you will read my reviews and something I say will spark a note with you, and you’ll make a comment so I can have that discussion with you!


Here are my guidelines:

I try to only read books that I want to read.  If your synopsis doesn’t appeal to me, it would be better for you if I take a pass. 

My favorite genre’s are romance, fantasy, ya, paranormal, fiction, historical, and every once in awhile I’ll throw in a mystery.  

I will write an impartial and honest review.  I prefer to only write a review for a book I consider three stars or above. 

I will let you know if your book did not appeal to me, and will not write a review for my blog.  However, I will post a brief note on Amazon and Goodreads.

15 thoughts on “Book Reviews

  1. Hi Robert! I do accept requests. If you’d like to send me the synopsis I’ll let you know if it’s a book I’d like to read. I try to genres i’m interested in, so that I can give an honest review. My feeling is that if I or any reviewer, really, doesn’t like that genre, they are more apt to not like the book. I usually pick, romance, fantasy, paranormal, women’s fiction, and mysteries.


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  3. Hi Paul, thanks so much for reaching out! I have been setting aside emails and requests for book reviews while I catch up on my commitments as well as read a few novels I have on my own bookshelves. Every once in awhile I go through old emails and notes and pick out a book. I’ll keep your request on file. Thanks for wanting to share your work with me!


  4. I grew up in the Bronx in the 60’s as well, and just reading your prologue brought a flood of memories to heart. I purchased your book i and will get to reading it as soon as I can. I always leave reviews on Amazon and Goodreads and, if there’s another platform you use, let me know.

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  7. mquilman

    My name is M. Quilman. I’d like to tell you about my novel: IN SIX DAYS | A Tale of Family, Religion, and Sabotage, a 90,000-word crime thriller. The book deftly weaves the rage of youth, society’s treatment of the planet, and open interpretation of the bible into a powerful story of conspiracy and adventure.

    Zoe Becker is inside federal prison prepping for a nationally-televised interview. The teenager from Manhattan is accused of masterminding the largest string of eco-terrorism in the country’s history. A throng of supporters outside the prison scream for her release. Others, for her to be locked up for life.

    Months earlier, a wave of attacks ripples across the country. The only clue left at the raid sites: a King of Clubs playing card. As the sabotage grows in size and significance, the country speculates about the message and messenger with rage and veneration.

    When the authorities close in, Zoe finds herself on the run, protecting her loved ones and the dark secret she holds. For the FBI, they must safeguard the country at all costs. The next attack is IN SIX DAYS.

    IN SIX DAYS is available at Cracked Shutter Publishing, Amazon, and other E-book retailers.

    I’d be honored if you would review my book.


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    1. HI. Thank you so much for the invitation to read your book. The synopsis does sound interesting. However, I have a backlog and am unable to commit to reading it at this time. I appreciate you reaching out. Deb


  8. Hi Deborah,

    I see that you’ve been quite busy reading and reviewing, and if you have a chance I would like to see if I can interest you in reviewing my little over 30,000 word suspense/thriller/paranormal novella called “The Initiate”. It’s Book One in my “Dark Earth” series. It’s available on Amazon and I can send you either a hard or soft copy.

    Regardless of whether or not you can take it on, I just want to say that as a writer, people like you are very appreciated and thank you so much whatever you decide.

    So saying, here’s the synopsis.

    Thanks again,


    The end of man draws near. The initiate has been chosen…the convocation has begun!

    It’s an ominous warning given to Peter Gentrick in one of the nightmares that have been plaguing him following an unexplainable memory loss.

    Seemingly a world away, and following the death of her childhood friend, Faye Morgan begins to glimpse something out of the corner of her eye. After another tragedy, her friend James Mason starts seeing the same thing. Now with the help of psychiatrist Dr. Dillington, he embarks on a race to save himself and to keep a horror beyond imagining from being released upon the world.

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  9. cmiller5135

    Dear Editor,

    My name is Chad Miller and I’m an author. My new book The Void was traditionally published by Hear Our Voice LLC, and I’d be honored if you would consider it for review. The Void is a collection of 15 creepy stories that range from dark fiction to humor. Here are some blurbs of my tales:

    We see an AI life form trapped in his computer cage, as the world has died around him. He’s in despair, his only eyes staring at his decaying creator as he’s forced to face the reality of eternal isolation.

    Meet Ana. On the eve of her first day, living away from home in a college dormitory, she slumbers off to sleep on her first night. Ana receives a mysterious night visitor as he pulls up a chair to her bed, so that he can tell his tale. Ana’s father recounts the story of how he was stolen away from her life in a Nazi concentration camp.

    And then poor Jared. He’s a pharmacist, overworked, never receiving a break. His overfilled bladder is ready to burst, but the demands of his job won’t allow even a minute for a bathroom run. See Jared’s horror in excruciating detail when his biggest nightmare comes true when he finally reaches the toilet.

    A full link to The Void on Amazon and my full list of publications can be found on

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Chad Miller


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