This Chick Read: Lethal Lies (Blood Brothers #2) by Rebecca Zanetti #Giveaway

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Anya Best is being stalked by a serial killer. Taunting her with pictures of his murders, she is struck by the similarity between his victims and herself. Asking for help from her FBI Agent sister only got Loretta killed as well, and Anya is out for justice! Playing the media, Anya sends a direct message to the killer.

“I’m tired of your game and am getting bored. In fact, I’m recently engaged to a real man, unlike you. My fiancé is Heath Jones of Lost Bastards Investigative Services….You don’t like anyone in law enforcement, right? I’m marrying a guy who chases down jerks like you.”

With that challenge made, Heath, only peripherally involved before, suddenly has a fiancé, and the added danger that his past may have seen Anya’s announcement on the news giving away his location. He needs to catch this killer before time runs out.

I loved that Anya was not a weak heroine. She fought all of her instincts to run away in order to get her revenge against the man who killed her sister. In the bargain, she got a hot commando alpha male who’s first instinct was to protect what was now his and make her his own. I thought Heath got the short end of the stick with Anya who was determined to use herself as bait. This book was a fun quick read and the characters were easy to root for.

The underlying sub plot that runs through both the Sin Brothers series as well as this offshoot has still to reach its conclusion. In case you aren’t familiar with these books, all of the heroes in these novels have been biologically engineered with various super abilities. Heath’s is the ability to move really quickly that gives him an edge during a fight. All of the brothers also have enhanced hearing and sight. Abilities that the doctor who created them wants to breed into a new set of super soldiers. Needless to say, we have a lot of evil running around loose and these brothers have some hard work in front of them.  Will this story ARC conclude with the next book? I can’t wait to find out!

I received a copy of this book for my honest review, and it was honest!

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This Chick Read: The Hunt (The Cage #2) by Megan Shepherd

After their escape failed in The Cage. Cora who had started to have feelings for their Kindred keeper Cassian, found out he was the one that betrayed she Lucky and Mali. A betrayal that was supposed to help enhance the psychic abilities that he thought she had. I’m not sure how that was supposed to enhance abilities, but it certainly pissed Cora off! As a punishment for their escape, she, Lucky, and Mali are put in some sort of Safari themed enclosure where Kindred go to relax and fake kill things. One scene between Lucky and one of the animals particularly struck me (and Lucky!) as sad and awful. Cora, still determined to escape, takes Cassian up on his offer to train her to use her psychic abilities but this time she will use him. She trains and is able to telepathically build her strength and plan an escape for she and her friends. Continue reading “This Chick Read: The Hunt (The Cage #2) by Megan Shepherd”

This Chick Read: The Last of August (Charlotte Holmes #2) by Brittany Cavallaro

Jamie Watson and Charlotte Holmes are spending the holidays together in England at Charlotte’s family estate when her mother is poisoned and her uncle Leander goes missing. Assuming the Moriarty’s are behind it, they head off to Berlin, where Milo’s company is based and Leander was undercover investigating an art theft ring. While investigating in Berlin things begin to unravel between them. Continue reading “This Chick Read: The Last of August (Charlotte Holmes #2) by Brittany Cavallaro”

#RT17 Ruminations and the Giant Book Fair! #Giveaway

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This is my second year at the RT Convention and it was interesting to compare my two experiences. This year I did a lot more writing workshops and seminars, so it was a lot more informational, and a little less as a reader. However, I was able to fit in a lot of events and see my favorite authors, as well as meet some new ones!  I noticed a focus on different genres in the reader events and wonder if next year there will be a different focus? BDSM and Erotica authors were highlighted, which isn’t really my interest. On the opposite end of the spectrum it seemed like there were more inspirational authors. The contrast between those two genres made for an interesting crowd! There were plenty of mainstream events and I never found time to relax, except for when sitting in line for the next event.

For me, the highlights were meeting Ilona Andrews and Charlaine Harris. I am a huge fan of almost every series that they both write, and also know that they rarely make these kinds of events, so I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to meet them. I was excited to see Kristen Ashley, although disappointed because she ran out of books at the Giant Book Fair in the first half hour. I enjoyed seeing and speaking to Rebecca Zanetti and Laura Kaye, and in fact, Laura Kaye was one of the speakers in my writing workshop at the beginning of the week. She lectured on how to write an emotional arc, and I learned a lot!

The best thing about this trip is spending time with my sister. She and I share a love for reading, and look forward to this girls trip every year. Next year the event will be held in Reno at the Peppermill Resort and Casino. That part of the country is gorgeous, so if any of you have ever been tempted to go, I really think it will be worth it! Take the entire week and visit Lake Tahoe which is only an hour away!

I ended my week with the Giant Book Fair. There were several books I wanted that I didn’t pick up through the week. I know, shocking, right? (Final count 140!) This was my chance to purchase those books and meet the authors. I was lucky enough to get a chance to spend a bit of time with each of these, except Charlaine Harris, who was sweet but super busy and took some photo’s to share with you all. She also mentioned her series Midnight Texas will be on NBC in July! LOL.

Charlaine Harris -Night Shift.
Amanda Bouchet-author Kingmaker Series
Coolest inscription!!
Victoria Denault’s new Hockey novel. Love that cover!
Amy E. Reichert gets the prize for coolest ring, and she was so sweet!
The amazingly talented and lovely Rebecca Zanetti!
Most beautiful cover art and lovely person Kristin Smith!


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That’s it about RT17 from me this year, now I need to get back to reading and writing reviews!

I hope you enjoyed my posts!


This Chicks #RT17 update (Day 2 and 3)

What a fun week at the RT Convention! My week is winding down and I am exhausted. The RT scene is a lot of waiting in line to get into an event with your favorite authors, chat, play games and just be a part of an old fashioned signing event, but it’s totally worth it. There have been a lot of really fun events like Books! Chocolate! and Authors! with some inspirational romance authors like Tamara Alexander and Sarah London Tomas. These authors also held a breakfast Friday morning and sat at the tables with us and signed books. These were some of the prettiest ladies at the convention, as well as the most beautiful book covers! I will be having an Inspirational book giveaway in the future, which I hope you will enjoy!

I enjoyed last year’s Tattoo’s and ‘Tini’s because it was my chance to fangirl over one of my favorite authors, Kristen Ashley, who was promoting her newest Erotica novel in the Honey series. I have the novel on my kindle, but am slightly wary of reading it. Her stuff was on the border erotica already! Will I like her real erotica book? Meeting her again made me want to pick it up and read it! If you’ve read it, I’d love to hear if you liked it!

I was really excited to run over to the Sourcebooks seminar. I learned some great things about the company, the books that are coming out, and got a surprise cover reveal! You all know I am a HUGE fan of Amanda Bouchet’s Kingmaker series, and have reviewed both books on my blog. That series is one of the best series in 2016. Well, the third book will be out soon, and here is the cover! I can’t wait to read this book.

The Kensington Peaches and Cream event had some great authors signing books, like Mary Ann Marlow who wrote Some Kind of Magic which I gave 5 stars, Rebecca Zanetti promoting her Scorpius and Blood Brothers series (also reviewed on my blog!), and some great historical authors like Joanna Shupe and Ella Quinn. It was packed but I was able to pick up a ton of books!  See below for my Thursday haul of 52 books and swag.

Friday I played Kiss Me, Kill Me with authors Skye Warren, Celia Aaron and others, but really wanted to save my strength for the Entangled Candy & Spoons event. Now, if you’ve ever played this game you’ll know it is cutthroat and ruthless! You have a banquet sized table with up to 10 players and one dealer. The dealer gives each player four cards then deals out one at a time and you try to catch and realease one card to the players on your left and right until one person in the group gets four of a kind. When you do, you grab that spoon and everyone else drops there cards ato get the other spoons. Blood was drawn, spoons were stolen out of people’s hands. It’s such fun! It probably wasn’t the smartest game for me to play two and a half weeks after wrist surgery, but my inner evil came out and I won the prize at our table! It was a stack of twelve YA novels! ( In my excitement I forgot to take the picture, sorry.)

To recover, I decided to head over to the SMP Pics and Pies, where I got to mingle with some authors and pick up a book and swag- and eat pie, lol.. The book I chose was The Star Touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi. I was so excited to get her to sign it in person. Isn’t she the loveliest lady ever? She complimented me on my hair, and I thought she was crazy, I mean, she was gorgeous!

The big event of the day was the Avon Presents Spectacle of Lights. The crowds for this event was nuts, but they had some VERY big names that were going to make this worth the lines! Jennifer L. Armentrout! Laura Kaye! Beverly Jenkins! Julia Quinn and lots of others, but the pair I was most excited to see were Ilona Andrews! They never come out to events and they signed copies of their next novel White Hot in their Hidden Legacy series. Here are some photos from this kind of crazy, jam packed event.

The Swag Bag!

The Lines!

This year I also went to the RT Reviewers Awards Show and learned that Marrying Winterbourne by Lisa Kleypas (reviewed on my blog) received the coveted book of the year award! Do you think those two days were packed or what? It was a blast! I have the Giant Book Fair to look forward to tomorrow, and I hope to stalk Kristen Ashley- I mean see what books she’s selling, as well as see if I can pick up autographed copies of the first two Amanda Bouchet books in the Kingmaker series. 

I’ll let you know how it goes!

I’ll leave you with my Friday book haul photo. I didn’t include all the swag, because I was, well, exhausted. But there was some great stuff!

I believe my total book count for Tu-Fri is around 130! Do you think I’ve added enough to my TBR list? Lol. I will be doing some future giveaways to share some of my loot with you all so please keep an eye out.

Was there anything you liked hearing about the best? Authors that I should include on my stalk through the book fair tomorrow? Let me know!


A Quicky from #RT17….

Hi guys!  I have been totally remiss in sending you some photos and happenings from the RT Convention in Atlanta. I’m so sorry!  This year I have signed up as an aspiring Author and spent my first two days receiving some great,writing tips from authors like Tere Michaels, Laura Kaye, Madeline Hunter, Damon Suede and also editors, agents, etc.  Whew!  I was exhausted before this party even got started!

Once again the lobby of each convention level is covered in posters, artwork, etc. of all of your favorite authors. Bare chests galore! It’s almost too much of a good thing, really. 😉

Below are some photos from the Petticoats and Pistols social event. I’m sure it’s a rewarding business being a successful writer, but I’m not sure I’d like to be in costume while everyone else is wondering around in leggings and t-shirts! LOL. The decorations were to die for!

Joanna Shupe author of The Knickerbocker series
The dresses are made out of paper!!
Really!… Paper!

We met some really nice people, both Readers, writers and COVER MODELS!

I had to get the With kilts and w/out!  LOL.  Yes, honey, this was business!  LOL.

And my loot from last night is 26 books and a ton of swag!

I’ll send out another post tomorrow!


This Chick Read: Devil in Spring (The Ravenals #3) by Lisa Kleypas

I had recently rediscovered the fabulous Lisa Kleypas when I read her last novel Marrying Winterborne, which I had reviewed on my blog. I read a few historical romances a year, and what I had loved about the last book, her skill at writing about intriguing characters, who weren’t the usual romantic leads in a novel, is true again in Devil in Spring. Pandora Ravenal, who we had met briefly before, is an unusual lady. She has an active mind, isn’t interested in ballrooms and a future husband. Continue reading “This Chick Read: Devil in Spring (The Ravenals #3) by Lisa Kleypas”

This Chick is off to the #RT17 Convention in Atlanta! #Sundayblogshare

I can’t believe a year has passed since the RT Convention in Vegas last year! Wow, the time has flown! Today, my bags are packed and I’m heading off to Atlanta, to join Readers, Writers and Bloggers meet, mingle, learn and have fun with some of my favorite authors. This year I’ve signed up as a writer and am participating in a Writers Workshop on Monday and Tuesday, where hopefully I will be given some great advice on how to fine tune my novel, meet an agent and get published.

My sister and a few friends are driving in on Tuesday night and we’ll get the fan girl party started! Last year, I met so many wonderful people! Authors, readers, bloggers, everyone was just so nice! I Geeked out over meeting Kristen Ashley, Laura Kaye and Jill Shalvis, but also took home an amazing number of books and became fans of a whole new set of authors. Yes, I still plan on freaking when I see Kristen Ashley again, but this year, I can spread the love out a little more. LOL.

I will be updating you all from the convention with pictures and book counts. I hope to bring home some swag so I can do some giveaways  so I can share a little of the RT magic with you all!

Here are some pictures from last year’s convention, so you’ll know what fun I have in front of me!


Viva La Historical Social Event
Tons of larger than life posters everywhere!
Kristen Ashley!! (On right)
Laura Kaye (on left)
Jill Shalvis! (On right)
Swag, swag and more swag! This was one days!
And then there are cover models…..

Catch up with you from Atlanta!


This Chick Read: The Garden of Small Beginnings by Abbi Waxman

The Garden of Small Beginnings was about your every woman.  Lilian Givran has faced life’s difficulties and has soldiered through finding light raising her two small girls, and unexpectedly also finds passion while gardening. I couldn’t believe this was Abbi Waxman’s debut novel. Lili’s voice was solid, funny, exasperating, sad and sarcastic. I laughed out loud multiple times and also cried softly as Lili struggled to find her way after the loss of her husband in a tragic accident. The fact that Lili finds that path while taking a gardening class is a great analogy for how each moment in life starts with a seed.

The cast of characters in this book added to the comedic highlights. The two daughters who say everything that comes into their heads, distracted, in a good way, from some of Lili’s more serious moments. Lili’s sister, Rachel, avoids serious relationships (sleeps around) because she wants to be available if Lili needs her. Her alcoholic mother who is narcissistic and says inappropriate things that embarrass her daughters. The class full of gardener wanna be’s who don’t have anything in common but end up being great friends with each other. Then there’s the teacher who makes her think there may be a little life left in her. This was a dream ensemble cast with a ton of personality.

Each chapter started off with a note about how to grow a vegetable. You could hear Lili’s voice speaking sardonically about why strawberries or carrots, I can’t remember, should not be planted in a bed after you’ve grown dill. These charming and funny intro’s set the stage for a really enjoyable, uplifting, love your family and keep your friends close kind of story. I don’t know if I’ve done a very good job of portraying why the book was so good, or even what the plot was like, but if you are a fan of women’s fiction, like humor, and like chick flicks, then put this on your TBR. Read it.

I received an Arc of this book, through NetGalley, for my honest review, and it was honest. 


Buy it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Kobo!

Copyright 2017 Deborah Kehoe A Chick Who Reads All Rights Reserved

This Chick Read: Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor

Strange the Dreamer is about a Lost City named Weep, a young Librarian named Lazlo Strange, and a journey of self discovery. Lazlo Strange is the first hero that Is normal. He doesn’t have any super powers, he just has big dreams. Dreams that he wants to make a reality. He has that chance when citizens of a lost city, now named Weep, search for people who can help them, and they arrive in the city where Lazlo resides. Lazlo almost doesn’t go on this journey, as he is not seen as important enough by his own people, to have anything to offer. However, Lazlo has been dreaming of, and researching this city for years, and he speaks up offering his services as an apprentice or secretary and they accept.

Lazlo’s journey begins when he arrives in the land of Weep. The story of each character unfolds and through Lazlo, we find understanding of what has come to pass. Through Lazlo, we dream, we love, and we find heartbreak. Las LI finds within himself the strength to dream a little bigger. 

This book took a little while to get into. Lazlo was just so ordinary. I am so used to reading magical realism fantasy novels where the hero or heroine has a power of some sort that I kind of set myself up to expect the same from this book. Strange the Dreamer is not a fantasy novel, it is a fairy tale of the Grimm variety. The monsters revealed in this book are Gods, and these Gods did horrible things to this city and its inhabitants. As the story unfolds more conflict is revealed and my expectations of Lazlo became so great, I impatiently turned the pages hoping for a solution to be revealed, for him to become my hero with a capital H.

This was such a good story, but so hard to read! Laini Taylor did an amazing job of creating a world that was alien to the reader and also the characters in this book. I think at times I was confused at what I was reading. It’s a good thing Lazlo was there to provide a solidity and strength to carry me through to its conclusion. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Buy it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo!

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