This Chick Read: Amber (Red Hot Love #1) by Elle Casey

Amber’s life is peaceful if not a little boring living on a hippie commune in Maine with her three mothers and two sisters. She and her sisters lives get flipped upside down when a lawyer shows up on their doorstep representing a famous rock band offering a $10 million settlement each to their three daughters. Not only are they shocked that their father’s may be alive, but also that their mothers had been groupies for the band Red Hot, gotten pregnant at the same time, and retired to a commune to raise them and never telling them that their fathers were alive.

I’ll admit, this premise was a new one for me! Groupie moms, now hippies on a commune raising their daughters? When hippie chick Amber arrives in NY, a little heated about these fathers trying to buy their daughters off, she is a duck out of water. Ty, new lead guitarist for Red Hot, meets her at the airport, but she takes the old adage “Never talk to Strangers” very seriously and although cute, she ditches him. The hijinks between Ty and Amber begin. They have some serious chemistry and Amber soon can’t resist this tortured musician.

Yes, this was a love story that I really liked, however the real conflict is between Amber and this band of possible fathers. When she gets past her anger, she starts to build relationships with the band and those scenes are written so well, the pain on both sides heartbreaking. I really liked how her feelings for them and learning how they loved her mothers really added depth to the story and as a comparison made the love story between she and Ty real. Amber was different than other Elle Casey novels, but I really enjoyed it!  I will definitely be reading her sister Emerald’s story when it comes out in April 2018! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❣️

I was given an ARC of this novel through NetGalley for my honest review, and it was honest!


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This Chick’s Sunday Commentary: Reading Challenges- why participate?

Reading Challenges. What do they mean really? If I finish the year at 40% to my reading goal am I giving myself an F? Is that what reading challenges are supposed to make me feel like? I hope no one takes them that seriously! As many do, I set a goal for myself on Goodreads for last year and again set one up for 2018. Does it drive me? Do I feel good or bad when I hit a mark that shows progress?  Society has taught us, with grades through school, goals and budgets to hit at work, and even how many times we have sex with our spouse in a week, to grade ourselves against what someone else has declared the norm. So my reading challenge shouldn’t be about if I hit my goal or not, right? At what point do I start feeling bad about myself? Being driven to succeed by overachieving?

overachieving meme

OK, I’ll fess up. I’m somewhat of an overachiever and actually surpassed my Goodreads challenge for last year by 12 books. I may have cheated a little bit because I listened to quite a few books too and counted those as having been read. Technically they were listening, but it was a book and I finished it and because I was driven to succeed by a number no one else set for me but myself, I counted it. Whew! Glad I got that off my chest….

Let’s talk about these challenges. Why do we do them?

  1. Well, I’m a book blogger! I read books. I talk about books. I review books. Sometimes I need help motivating myself. I’m a goal oriented person and these challenges do the job! It seems silly, doesn’t it? Why would I procrastinate reading a book when I love to read? Well, sometimes if you feel like you have to do it, you put pressure on yourself. So having someone else challenge me? It’s a contest, and well, I love to win. Even if the prize is only reading a great book.
  2. I like to feel like I’m part of a group. Isn’t that why we read popular books and comment and have conversations about them? Isn’t it fun to interact with people who are doing the same things you are doing? Feel free to nod in agreement. 🙂
  3. Focus!  This is a big one for me. Like most of you, I too have a ton of books to read, lots of ARC commitments and still want to read my own stack sitting on my nightstand. A challenge, whether it be a Goodreads countdown, or even a TBR Take down challenge helps me focus and get the job done!
  4. Organization- I’ll admit, I mainly use Goodreads to keep track of all of the books I read. It’s a great tool!  The extra side benefit is I get to see what my friends read too. Want to be my friend on Goodreads? I would LOVE that!  Click HERE.  I love to scroll through the feed to see what everyone is reading.
  5. I created my own mini challenge last year when I went on vacation. Kindle Unlimited lets you borrow 10 books at a time and I noticed that I’d let mine get up to 10 and had to delete a book (horrors!) in order to add a new one. I needed to read down my Kindle Unlimited list. I challenged myself to read only Kindle Unlimited books while on vacation.  I think I read 6? Of course, I read the first in a series and then read the other three that hadn’t been on my list previously so I kind of defeated the purpose. However, it was a goal I set and I somewhat stuck to it! LOL.


I know there are other readers, bloggers and talkers out there who love challenges.

Do you participate in any challenges? Or have you created your own? Feel free to add the link to your challenge in the comments. We all need motivation!

Why do you participate? For the same reasons I mentioned? Or do you have your own reasons. Tell me in the comments. I bet Quite a few of us feel the same way!

Until next Sunday!


This Chick Read: This Fallen Prey (Casey Duncan #3) by Kelley Armstrong

Rockton is a town in the middle of nowhere, completely off the grid with no electricity, email or internet. It has been established as a haven for people running away from their previous lives, most of whom were victims of some sort, although their histories aren’t revealed so a few are more threat than prey. When the council who decides who lives and leaves Rockton drops an unexpected guest in their laps, Detective Casey Duncan and her lover Sheriff Eric Dalton find themselves harboring a serial killer.

Is Oliver Brady a serial killer? Without being able to jump online and check out his story and background, Casey and Eric have to try to contain him safely in a town that wants nothing to do with him. This mystery was a classic is he or isn’t he, and when someone turns up dead and Brady goes missing this classic mystery turned into an action-adventure novel that I could envision in technicolor on the big screen.

This Fallen Prey is the third novel so we didn’t need the back story on Rockton or its inhabitants, so more than the other two novels in the series, we jumped right into the story.  The psychology of this story was thrilling. Rockton is full of scary and scared individuals, so seeing their reactions to Oliver Brady’s presence put a twisted spin on an already twisted plot, pitting Casey and Eric against pretty much everyone. I enjoyed the anxiety I was feeling as the plot unfolded, is that weird? Well, regardless, this was an edge of your seat thrill ride.

❤️❤️❤️❤️ I received a copy of this book through NetGalley for an honest review and it was honest.

This Fallen Prey Click this link to purchase! This Fallen Prey: A Rockton Novel (Casey Duncan Novels) Copyright 2018 Deborah Kehoe The Reading Chick All Rights Reserved

This Chick Read: Lingus by Mariana Zapata

Kat is your average ordinary twenty something young woman. She teaches grade school, has had a few boyfriends, has a group of very close girlfriends, and has a wonderful relationship with her father. She also loves porn. Yep! You got it, porn. Kat gets dragged to a porn convention by one of her best friends, and although she is constantly looking over her shoulder to make sure no one she knows see’s her, she is having a blast. While waiting for her best friend to get her favorite male porn star’s autograph, she meets Tristan. Beautiful Tristan who is just sweet as can be. They strike up a funny conversation and inadvertently end up eating lunch together. While he is gorgeous with a capital G, it doesn’t occur to Kat that she is at a PORN convention and that Tristan could be a porn star. Not until she see’s him signing his own autographs at a table later on that same day and he beckons her over asking if he can see her later.

Except for the porn aspect of this novel, this is your typical Mariana Zapata friends to lovers novel. (I would’ve said “typical slow burn” novel, but porn and slow burn, ewww!) Tristan wants to be Kat’s friend. He doesn’t have girlfriends because he doesn’t think it’s healthy to be doing porn and trying to have a relationship. Well, ok, that makes a ton of sense! However, Tristan and Kat have this incredible energy together and even though it takes a while to get there, they do end up together. What makes this novel so different is that this crisis of sorts is well, porn. That is what is keeping them apart. Told entirely from Kat’s perspective, she agonizes over his job. We see that, we hear her feelings, and we know how knowing what he does disrupts her peace of mind.

Tristan through Kat’s eyes is perfect. Beautiful, great personality, fun, and a really really nice person. His explanation for why he does porn doesn’t really ring true for me, but then I’m not a guy and don’t have guy sexual thoughts, so who knows! Maybe it’s that easy to get into porn! Knowing what he did for a living would be a deal breaker for me, but Kat and Tristan are just friends, and one of her other best friends is in that industry. So, even though it’s kind of common to Kat, it’s still strange to me, but I kept reading. LOL.

I’ll give the author some kudos for making me like her writing enough to pick up a novel where the lead characters meet at a porn convention. The friends to lovers story rang true and their friendship did not revolve around porn. (thank God!) I loved both Kat and Tristan and rooted for them to find their happy together. They were quirky, the dialog was fun and just as with her other novels, Ms. Zapata delivered! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Lingus Click this link to purchase! Lingus Copyright 2018 Deborah Kehoe The Reading Chick All Rights Reserved

This Chick Read: Catalyst (The Deception Game #1) by Kristin Smith

Catalyst is set in a world where genetically altered teenagers are the norm and being naturally born is abnormal. When her father dies suddenly, Sienna has to leave school to find a way to make money to support her mother (who has lupus) and her little sister. Uneducated and “normal” Sienna turns to a life of crime. Taking a job to steal from the man who created the technique to genetically alter human life, she is caught by a military group and blackmailed into killing that scientist. Sienna turns to the Fringe, a semi- terrorist group that is helping extract teens from science labs where they are being tested on against their will not wanting to be a killer. Yikes, there’s a lot going on in this world and really very little explanation, which did make my head spin a bit.

Sienna was a hard headed girl who had good intentions. She’s trying to take care of her family but really just wants someone else to take care of her and make this all go away. I mean, what 17 year old wouldn’t want that? She was torn between two men, Zane, the first genetically altered boy/man, and Trey, the leader of the Fringe. Zane, protected since he was a child, seemed very naive. He was friendly, handsome, charming, but somehow innocent. Trey was also friendly, handsome and charming but a little more dangerous. I am a bit tired of the torn between two guys trope and was looking for an angle that hadn’t been taken in previous novels. Unfortunately, other than they were both nice guys instead of one being evil, Sienna’s situation wasn’t unique.

I really wanted to feel more for this book more than I did. The concept was interesting and I love a strong good versus evil theme, but I thought the world building needed more explanation and I didn’t connect with Sienna. That lack of connection hurt the impact of the final moments of the novel. What happened rocked Sienna’s world, but it just didn’t rock mine. Was it horrible? No. I saw a lot of promise in this novel that just wasn’t fulfilled. Can the author deliver on that promise in the next novel? If she gives Sienna more heart, yes. Will I pick up the next novel, Forgotten? Undecided. ❤️❤️❤️

Kudos to the beautiful covert art which grabbed my attention and made me pick up the book. (Although it didn’t scream apocalyptic genetically altered teen novel.)

Catalyst Click this link to purchase! Catalyst (The Deception Game) Copyright 2018 Deborah Kehoe The Reading Chick All Rights Reserved

This Chick Read: The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory

When Alexa and Drew get stuck in an elevator together at the Fairmont Hotel during a power outage they pass the time by flirting and eating the cheese and crackers she brought to share with her sister. When the elevator starts moving they are both slightly disappointed. Arriving at their floor Alexa gets off the elevator but Drew stops her with a question. Would you be my date to a wedding and rehearsal dinner this weeken? Alexa, normally shy and insecure feels somehow confident in his company and agrees to this kind of strange blind date. When she shows up for the rehearsal dinner they totally click and she helps him navigate what could be a rather uncomfortable event. He’s a groomsman in his ex girlfriends wedding.

The Wedding Date quote

There were a lot of things that I really liked about this book. Alexa and Drew were a bi-racial couple. Seeing things through Alexa’s eyes while navigating the relationship were eye opening. Something as simple as going to a backyard barbecue can be difficult as the only black person at the party. I cringed in horror at some of the things Alexa had to endure. Crude talk from drunk white men hitting on her was normal to her, and it just shouldn’t be. Her job as Chief of Staff to the Mayor of Berkeley was a highly qualified position. She had a law degree and was beautiful and personable, but was denigraded by men because of her race. It pissed me off for her. How did Drew handle this? Extremely well. He was mad on her behalf and tried to save her from these unsavory characters, but being a part of a bi-racial couple was not something he was used to navigating. Although to give him credit, the mistakes he made in the relationship were normal man-woman mistakes and didn’t have anything to do with race.

Drew was also an adult with a big job. He was a pediatric surgeon, used to making life altering decisions in the blink of an eye. However, when it came to women Drew was a man-child. His only long term girlfriend being the bride whose wedding he was in. Both characters had their insecurities, but Drew’s were about his failure to make a commitment. It took having to fight for Alexa and for them as a couple to make him grow up.

The topics I talked about above make this sound like a serious book. There were moments that were eye opening and serious. But really, this was a fun romance. Drew was charming, as was Alexa. Their courting song and dance was similar to other books I’ve read, but it was the topics above that gave this book heart and these characters something to overcome to fight to be together. It didn’t take long for me to be charmed into reading the whole novel. Really, I think it was by page 3.  These two characters had great chemistry and the sex scenes (NC-17 rated) didn’t get in the way of a very good story.  This is Jasmine Guillory’s debut novel and boy did she hit a home run. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I received a copy of this book through NetGalley for an honest review and it was honest!

The Wedding Date Jasmine Guillory is a graduate of Wellesley College and Stanford Law School. She is a Bay Area native who has towering stacks of books in her living room, a cake recipe for every occasion, and upwards of 50 lipsticks.

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Copyright 2018 Deborah Kehoe The Reading Chick All Rights Reserved

This Chicks Sunday Commentary: Book Blogging Pro’s and Con’s

My blog, The Reading Chick, is now almost two and a half years old. Wow, where did the time go?!!

Initially I started blogging because I wanted to talk about all of the books I read. When I first started blogging all of my book choices were what I was drawn to read. As time went on I started following authors Facebook pages and twitter accounts, sometimes reaching out to let them know I’ve read and liked a book. Even making friends (of sorts) with some of them, joining review clubs and Facebook discussions, etc. Then I discovered NetGalley. Like many bloggers I went out of control. All of those books, free!!! All I had to do was write a review and post it on my blog, Amazon and wherever. When I couldn’t keep up, I had to reign myself in, stopping those requests until I honored the commitments I had made. Although I’ll confess, there were a few books that I just couldn’t get into and just sent a note back to the publisher saying I was sorry but I wasn’t going to be able to review the book. I felt so bad!

Once I was back in control I asked myself why I was doing this? The pressure of putting out a blog a few times a week can be another full time job, and one that doesn’t even make me any money. Is it worth it? I decided to make a list of my Pro’s and Con’s of being a book blogger to help me decide my feelings.


  • I read at least two hours a day. On weekends sometimes 4-5 hours. At 50 pages an hour I get through 2-4 books a week. The point is, I read A LOT.
  • I love to write. I get a really great feeling when I craft my post. Not all of my reviews are great, but some of them are really really good. When an author take one of my quotes and tweets it at me? Wow, there’s no better feeling.
  • I have made friends in the blogging community that I can discuss my passion for books with? How cool is that? Something I have in common with hundreds, if not thousands of other bloggers!
  • FREE BOOKS. I have a few authors that I jones for. If you know me well, you know I love Urban Fantasy authors like Ilona Andrews, Patricia Briggs and Anne Bishop and romance authors like Jill Shalvis and Kristen Ashley. If I can read them free? Bonus!
  • Helping authors get the word out about a new book. Although this can also be a Con because they don’t hit a home run EVERY time they write a book, but still, I do love supporting them and seeing other bloggers talk about those same books.
  • Reading a review about a book that I’ve already read and reviewed myself. I LOVE this! I love writing a note about what I liked or disliked. I love opening up that conversation.
  • I love that I seem to be on a couple of publisher’s lists to send out notes asking me to read a novel because I’ve read and reviewed a similar novel for them. It makes me feel special.
  • Reading my fellow bloggers posts. I love to find new books that you all recommend as well as chime in on some great discussions.


  • Keeping up with my blog schedule. I put out three reviews a week and on Sunday I try to be more creative. Either a discussion, interview, or well, anything besides a review. It is HARD to come up with good ideas!
  • Book review requests. I would love to help discover that next great novelist. It is hard to find the time!! Lately, I’ve started to get about 5-10 book review requests per week. Does everyone else get these too? How do you handle them? I try to respond to everyone thanking them for sending me their letter and I so want to support them, but I am only one person reading and just don’t have as much time as I’d need to get through them all.
  • Not getting carried away on NetGalley. It’s so easy! I have my favorite authors, and sometimes they all have publishing dates close to one another. It makes life difficult when I’m a day away from their release date and I haven’t read the book yet. I know, they’re my favorite. I should read it as soon as I get it, but I don’t. I try to honor all of my commitments, so soonest date published gets read first. When they stack up? It freaks me out.  LOL
  • Sometimes I just don’t want to write a review but with the need to put out three a week I feel like I have to write one. I know that reviews mean a lot to an author, especially on site’s like Amazon where they get ranked and show up in more recommendations the more reviews they have listed, either good or bad. It’s the thought that I should write one that makes writing difficult.
  • I have a full time job. Occasionally I write during the week, but the majority of my writing gets done on the weekend. So, that’s 2-4 posts I have to write in two days. The first one goes down like a fine wine, and then it gets less sweet and more acidic.
  • Finding the time to keep up with commenting on other blogs. I love having that conversation, but there are some weeks where I just don’t get to it. I feel like I’m letting people down.

I could throw a couple more Pro’s and Con’s onto the list, however, I think these help you get my point. There are many great things about blogging. That’s why I keep doing it! There are also a lot of things that weigh me down when it comes to blogging. However, I do think that the Pro’s out weigh the Con’s. It all comes down to the fact that I like to read and I like to write. Now that I’ve started could I stop? I think I would miss it too much! I would miss you all too much too.

Do you have some of the same Pro’s and Con’s on your list? How do you handle the sacrifice you make to write daily or spend your weekend writing like I do?

How do you keep your commitments to put out a review as the book comes out? Do you fall behind? Not care? Are you always on time?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Until next Sunday,


Book meme

This Chick Read: Score (San Francisco Thunder #1) by Victoria Denault

When Zooey was a teenager she rebelled in all ways. The daughter of a minister, she liked to cross the line. Now, going through a hellish divorce, Zoey runs into the sisters of a childhood crush, Jude Braddock. Jude hearing about his sisters run in with Zoey, immediately flashes back to that one night… the problem is, Zoey is no longer the same girl and Jude is not the same boy.

Jude is a professional hockey player and gets all of the benefits that go along with that role. Tons of one night stands have given him a rotten reputation in the news. When he finds Zoey again, he spends hours of time trying to get her into bed. However, Zoey is going through a divorce, and while she is definitely attracted to Jude she is not going to break those vows before the papers are signed. Her dedication gives the two of them time to settle down and actually get to know each other again. Jude finds himself in a new role of supporter and friend. A role that does not come very easily to him.

I have to admit, I struggle with reading about sluts, whether they are male or female. Spending time in Jude’s head as he strategizes on how he wants to get Zoey in bed only annoyed me, but also being inside his head while he struggled with how to be a good friend to Zoey while she was fighting feelings of insecurity over her failed marriage, redeemed him a little. There was more to his storyline than just sex; trust issues with his teammates, sisters who were too much into his business, and his own feeling of low self esteem even though he was a pro hockey player. All of these things added to the story giving it more of a plot than he trying to sleep with Zoey, but unfortunately that was still the overriding theme.

Zoey was really forgiving of all of Jude’s sexual shenanigans and in fact was kind of turned on by his aggressiveness. Totally not my thing.  I found myself overlooking and skimming through all of the sexy scenes trying to find heart.  I did really like Zoey’s character. The contrast between a wild teen and a conservative adult who struggled with her identity and self esteem was interesting. The Jude who helped her find herself again, I liked. I just wish that we didn’t have to dig through so much of slutty Jude to find that guy. Zoey was the girl that got away for Jude, and the fact that she still meant so much to him after all of these years was sweet. Together as a couple, they did seem to bring out the best in each other and that was why I stuck with the book.

I do love sports romances and find it interesting that a lot of authors go the slutty male character route. Is that attractive to women? I guess?  Maybe some women like the fantasy that a good woman can tame him? I like the fantasy of “this couple brings the best out in each other” and that’s why I gave it ❤️❤️❤️

Click this link to purchase!  Score (San Francisco Thunder) Copyright 2018 Deborah Kehoe The Reading Chick All Rights Reserved

This Chick Read: An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson

An Enchantment of Ravens is a fairy-tale fantasy about a girl named Isobel who is a portrait artist to the fair folk. In the town of Whimsy, the fair folk come and purchase craft from the artisans. In return they exact payment in the form of spells. Isobel has learned at the tender age of seventeen to be very exact in her negotiations because the fair folk are not honest in their negotiations and what seems an innocent wish for true love may become an obsessive infatuation. When Rook, the Prince of the Autumn lands comes to have his portrait painted Isobel see’s something in his eyes that she must paint on canvas. Unfortunately what she paints is a humanity that the fair folk do not wish to see, and Rook spirits her away to stand trial for her error. During this journey she and Rook come to an understanding finding friendship and love which is against the fair folk’s laws.

I was captured by the charm and spirit of this novel. The author painted her words so they flowed lyrically across the page. The melding of commonly heard folk tales such as the fae can’t speak a lie, with a new fair folk history made the story both familiar and foreign, making it easy to huddle into my blanket on the couch and immerse myself into this enchanted land.

Isobel for being a seventeen year old girl, was wise beyond her years. She was essentially the adult in her household, responsible for her two sisters and her aunt. When she is spirited away by Rook, she gives in to the adventure, worrying about her family, but also seeing new shapes and colors in every hill and tree opening her eyes to the world as a whole rather than Whimsy’s summer colors and sounds. I loved how her emotions were painted in colors.

Rook was an interesting hero. He was one of the fair folk and his glamour was beautiful, but underneath that glamour was a reality that contrasted with that beauty they all wanted to portray. That contrast between fae reality and glamour was found throughout the story giving this a real fairy tale feel, more Grimm than Disney. He and Isobel’s love ran a similar juxtaposition from her innocent first love to gritty heart wrenching pain. I loved how this novel ran from one spectrum to the other in a rainbow of colors from light to dark and back again. The story and the feelings all those colors imbued captured me completely.


Click this link to purchase! An Enchantment of Ravens Copyright 2018 Deborah Kehoe The Reading Chick All Rights Reserved

This Chick Read: Judgment Road (Torpedo Ink #1) by Christine Feehan

Anya Rafferty has taken a job as bartender in the bar owned by MC Club Torpedo Ink. She’s trying to fly under the radar, friendly but not flirtatious with the bikers and customers, but her beauty gets her noticed. Reaper is the enforcer for Torpedo Ink. His first job is to protect their President, Czar, but he can’t keep his eyes off Anya. He tries to scare her off but she’s broke and doesn’t have anywhere to go. When they go head to head their chemistry is fierce and against his better judgment he decides to make her his own.

I don’t normally read MC biker romances. I don’t have anything against them, they just aren’t my thing. However, when Christine Feehan writes well,her books are really, really good. This book had elements of greatness. Judgment Road and those bikers in Torpedo Ink had a background that was different and drew me in. Stolen when children in Russia, they were abused, trained, and raised to be assassins. When they escaped Russia they stayed together forming this club and using their skills to help others who have been victimized. I liked that theme, but wow, this was a pretty dark book. If you have triggers about rape, abuse, etc. this will be a difficult read. I don’t have those triggers and at times I cringed in horror.

Anya and Reaper were kind of typical of a biker and his babe. He was totally Alpha and she was sassy and sweet. There was a ton of smoking hot sex (a little too much at times) but they had a lot of past trauma to get over, on both their sides to get to their happily ever after. Anya was on the run from a group that wanted her dead and without giving away the story, Torpedo Ink ended up saving women who were brutalized by this same group. I wish Judgment Road was a little less sex and a lot more of that story because it was a really good romantic suspense tale and got me totally hooked. If Reaper hadn’t had trauma in his own background that he and Anya worked through with sex, passages that were important, I would’ve skimmed a lot more than I did.

This series is an offshoot of the Sea Haven series, if any of you are fans. Viktor (Czar) and his wife Bythe were the last book in that series. There is a mystical element to the Torpedo Ink members, just as there was in the Sea Haven series, with each biker having a trait that was kind of magical and mysterious. This magical element gave the series a little boost into the unreal, but made it a lot more fun to read.

Judgment Road was a pretty dark, grueling start to this series, but there were some other members that I found pretty fascinating. I think I’ll need to keep an eye out for the next one, but am hopeful it will be a little lighter read. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I received a copy of this book through NetGalley for my honest review and it was honest!

Judgment Road Click this link to purchase! Judgment Road (Torpedo Ink) Copyright 2018 Deborah Kehoe The Reading Chick All Rights Reserved