This Chick Read: Midnight Soul (Fantasyland Series #5) by Kristen Ashley

When a new Kristen Ashley book gets released, I along with hordes of other fans, immediately purchase the book and move it to the top of our TBR piles.  I did just that with Midnight Soul, as it is the final novel in my favorite, Fantasyland series.  The premise  for these books is that there is an alternate universe to ours, where our double lives.  As each book starts, the female heroine, living on earth, switches places with her counterpart in the alternate universe.  Sometimes it is their choice, and sometimes it is their doubles.  Much drama, angst, fun and hilarity ensue, while these ladies tempt and taunt their destined mate, until each novel ends in connubial bliss.  Midnight Soul is the one caveat to this rule.  You see, Nocturno -Noc to his friends, the only male hero in this series from Earth, does not have a destined mate in this alternate universe.  She is dead.  Part one of the previous books plot.  She was also a lesbian to boot.  So even if she had been alive, she would not have been the lady for him.  He meets Franka, the heroine in this novel, when their group saves their world.  She has also been introduced in past storylines, and she was not a very pleasant character.  Noc, see’s right through that hard mask, and against her will, Franka opens up to him, as she has to no other.

At first I wondered how this pairing was going to work.  Noc, is very much a man of Earth.  He is a jeans and T kind of guy, using slang to express himself.  Franka, one of the nobility of her land, speaks rather high brow, and I wouldn’t think would stoop to his earthy level.  However, it is that exact oppositeness that I thought struck a true note.  Not every couple is going to be a perfect fantasy pairing. Real couples have to work hard to make things work, and Noc and Frankka had some obstacles they both needed to overcome.  This was the most human of all of the books, and seemed a very fitting way to conclude the series.  As with her other couples, their chemistry was fiery from the start, and Franka was sassy and learned to be sweet, which was fun to read.

Ms. Ashley, wrote conclusions for some of my other favorite characters, and if you are a fan, you’ll be happy to read their HEA’s in the epilogue of this book.  


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This Chick Read: Bounty by Kristen Ashley 

Deke Hightower has been a silent hero in the other Colorado Mountain series books. He has been on the sidelines, but has been a part of a couple of very big action scenes, so it is very fitting that he’s finally the subject of his own book.  I love how Kristen Ashley sets the scene for Jussy and Deke’s story.  Having met previously when both were younger, circumstances were not on their sides, and they were not given the opportunity to explore much of anything beyond a brief flirtation.  For Jussy, Deke, was the one that other men were always compared to, and found lacking.  When their paths crossed again, Jussy realized that Deke did not recognize her, and thought that their connection may have been only one sided.  Kristen Ashley did a great job of building up the tension between the two of them, so that finally, when trouble arose and in Deke’s own words, he finally pulled his head out of his ass, the reader was breathless with anticipation, and thankful that THE moment had finally arrived.

As with most of Kristen Ashley’s novels, there was a great deal of passion, and boy was it hot!  There was also a great storyline about Jussy and Deke’s two different worlds and how they would or would not fit together. Then there was the danger/action part of the book, always my favorite.  KA always writes a great female in peril story, and an awesome alpha, take-charge male who will rid the world of her problems.  This book was no different.  In fact, I think the relationship arc had a lot more depth than her last novel, Sebring.  If Deke were a lake, it would be deep and dark.  When his background story was revealed, i felt that hit to the gut just as Jussy did.  The comparison between the way that Kristen Ashley portrayed Deke, versus the way she wrote Nick Sebring made me wonder if possibly KA was happy to write with more compassion.   Bounty felt a little bit more genuine than her last novel, maybe that was part of the reason why I liked it a bit better.

This is not the last novel in the Colorado Mountain series.  She wrote on her Facebook page that Wood and Maggie were going to be next, thank goodness!  They have been in every book, and we’ve heard a little bit of their story, but I’d like to hear the whole thing.  In the meantime, if you haven’t read any of them, pls try them out!  I love how characters from other series will make an appearance here and there, in all of her books.  Joe Callahan from the Burg series makes a brief cameo in this one,  and you’ll hear a couple of other familiar names as you read this book, as well.  It made me want to pick up their stories and read them again!

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#RT16 Book Fair in Vegas

Saturday was the last day of our trip to the RT Convention in Vegas.  The Book Fair was from 10a-2p, and around 800 Authors were present.  Even though my book count at that point was 108, and I spent $110 shipping home two boxes this morning, there were a few book items that I still needed to have!  The people who had bought a week long convention pass got in a half hour earlier than the rest of the masses so you’ll note its kind of empty.  A half hour from when I took these photo’s, it was packed wall to wall!  Continue reading “#RT16 Book Fair in Vegas”

Thursday at the #RT Convention

I started out the day failing miserably at answering questions about YA books, movies and TV series at the YA: You’re Never too old for YA session.  Our table was hosted by Kiera Cass, author of the Selection series and Rosamund Hodge, the author of the Cruel Beauty series.  Although I was horrible at the game, these tables had the best swag, and the chance to talk to these authors was priceless!
Kiera Cass and Rosamund Hodge

My sister and I then preceded to play Sports Romance Jeopardy.  Unfortunately, with the exception of Kristen Callihan’s Game On series, I have not read many sports romances, so I didn’t improve my record.  However, we sat at the table with Heidi McLaughlin, who was awesome!  She also was horrible at the sports romance category, but better at the general sports questions.  Heidi is also the author of Third Base (The Boys of Summer book 1), a book I have picked up so many times!  She gave me two, and signed a copy to give away on my blog, so keep an eye out for that soon!

The highlight of my day was at the next event Tattoo’s and Tini’s.  I was able to finally meet one of my favorite romance authors, Kristen Ashley!  I have reviewed her books Sebring and did a compilation review of her Rock Chick series.  She was absolutely awesome, and as real as she is on her Facebook page.  She very graciously allowed me to have my picture taken with her even though the line was long.

At this same event, I had a chance to chat briefly with Laura Kaye, who also writes under the name Laura Kamoie, co-author of America’s First Daughter.  I received one of her romance novels in my bag, so I’m excited to try out her style in this genre.  I expect great things!

I ended my day at a HUGE book signing by the Kensington authors.  The highlight for me was getting a copy of Mercury Striking, which I have read and reviewed.  She was very gracious, and lovely!

What a great day!  I came away with 36 books, which brings my two day tally to 57.  Good God!  Two more days to go!

This Chick Read: Sebring by Kristen Ashley

Kristen Ashley is one of my favorite romance writers because her heroines are always kick ass and her men are always alpha males.  Can that get a little predictable?  Yes.  However, these men in The Unfinished Hero series are not your typical hero’s.  These men are lawless Continue reading “This Chick Read: Sebring by Kristen Ashley”

This Chick Read: Who doesn’t want to be a Rock Chick?  Or any Kristen Ashley character…

Although, if you’re a Rock Chick you have to be kidnapped, shot at, held hostage, kidnapped again, and possibly raped.  BUT!  You get to be a part of the greatest group of female friends ever.  I read Kristen Ashley’s Rock Chick series first out of all of her books, which is the correct thing to do because almost all of the rest of her series reference these characters Continue reading “This Chick Read: Who doesn’t want to be a Rock Chick?  Or any Kristen Ashley character…”