Midnight Metamorphosis Chapter 6 – Avery

I know I haven’t posted a chapter in awhile. I had so many commitments! If you want to read the first Chapters, you can find them on my blog! Enjoy!

Chapter 6
Ana and I walked out of Biology class, and I looked back with a shudder. We had just finished dissecting a cow eyeball. I could still smell the formaldehyde. Ana, with a skip in her step, was about to walk past Cole who had been leaning up against the wall next to the door. “Hey,” he said to us, and we both responded “hi” back. He walked with us over to our lockers, which were on the same wall only a couple of feet apart. As I turned the combination on my locker, he leaned up against it, next to me. I shoved my biology book and IPad into the locker and grabbed my bag lunch and looked over at him.

“What’s up?” I asked quietly, trying to be low key. After our discussion yesterday, I felt even more nervous around him than I did before. I mean, here’s this guy, who is totally cute, can play Air, Water and Earth like they’re instruments, and who is also my own personal bodyguard? I didn’t know how to act around him, but I was determined to not let that nervousness show, so I straightened my spine. Continue reading “Midnight Metamorphosis Chapter 6 – Avery”