This Chick Writes: Midnight Metamorphosis Chapter 4 – Avery

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Chapter 4


Ana and I exited our 2nd period Biology classroom talking about the subject of the term papers we were going to have to write. Unlike in English class, Ana showed a real enthusiasm for this subject, talking rapidly with a lot of enthusiasm. I rolled my eyes, it was not my favorite subject, but nodded agreeably when she looked at me for a reaction. Ana looked so pretty and unlike the kind of plain girl I had first met, that I looked more closely and noticed the added color in her face. Movement on her arm had me glancing down at it in surprise. I could’ve sworn that the freckles I had noticed this morning were gone and she had a peach tint to her skin that really contrasted nicely with her brown hair. Continue reading “This Chick Writes: Midnight Metamorphosis Chapter 4 – Avery”