This Chick Writes: Midnight Metamorphosis -Chapter 1 -Avery

Hi! Last week I published the prologue to my novel Midnight Metamorphosis. As promised, here is Chapter 1.


It’s about a young girl named Avery who discovers after the death of her mother, that she is not an average girl. Her parents forbidden love created a child that was prophesied to either save their people, or be the catalyst to their end. She is in high school and with the help of her new friends figures out her powers, crushes on a couple boys, and fights evil demons. A normal teenage life, right? 

Here’s a sample from Chapter 1 -Avery

     As soon as the bus door opened, a puff of warm dry air hit my face. I smelled exhaust from the bus, but just beyond that was the smell of sage and honeysuckle. Wearily, I stepped onto the sidewalk and looked at the buildings in front of me. The small bus terminal had seen better days. The tan paint was peeling and the Dover Bus Terminal sign read Dove Bus Te minal. Looking farther down the street, I noticed the buildings were stucco with red tiled roofs. The bus terminal was the worst looking building on the street. A trend, I’d definitely noticed, this being the last stop on a cross-country road trip. I’d seen plenty of bus stations over the last two days. 

Please click the picture to read my first chapter.