This Chick Read: Viking Warrior Rebel (Viking Warriors #2) by Asa Maria Bradley

Asa Maria Bradley has brought Viking lore and folk tales to life, in her series Viking Warriors. Ms. Bradley, born in Sweden, and brought to America as a teen, writes of Vikings and Valkyries, mythology of her Swedish upbringing.  In this series they are living amongst humans on Earth, or Midgard, as the Vikings call it.  Heroine, and Valkyrie, Astrid Irisdotter, continues the investigation started in the first novel, Viking Warrior Rising.  Loki, the god of mischief, has sent his minions to Earth to create havoc genetically altering humans and creating evil Wolverines.  These evil beings are bent on kidnapping humans for nefarious reasons- and attacking her fellow Vikings.   Continue reading “This Chick Read: Viking Warrior Rebel (Viking Warriors #2) by Asa Maria Bradley”