This Chicks Sunday Commentary: A Mother’s Love for Books

Mother’s Day is one day in the year that we set aside to specifically celebrate, honor, and love our mothers. Yes, we do love our mother’s every day but we don’t always remember to tell them that we love them. I am not a mother myself, unless you count my dog and cat as children, but I do have a special place in my heart for my own mom. After all, she is the reason why I love books as much as I do!

My love of classic musicals came from watching them with my mother on Saturday afternoons at a really young age. I fell in love with Judy Garland in the Wizard of Oz and their dancing and singing down that yellow brick road. My mother decorated my room in red gingham (yes, I know Dorothy’s dress was blue!) and started giving me copies of all of the Oz books by Frank L. Baum. I still have some of them sitting in my bookcase.

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She would read these books to me at night starting my long love of fantasy novels and transporting myself to other magical worlds. I had an older brother and sister who were reading “older” books and soon began asking for her to read books I knew they were reading like Robert Jordan and J. R. R Tolkien. She read the Hobbit to me every night for a year, a memory that lingers with me. I can hear Golem’s “precious” in my own mothers voice. In 1990 my mother gave me a bound copy of The Hobbit because she also loved that same memory.


I can envision trips to the library with my mom where I would check out 5 books at a time. I had a small bookcase built into my closet that was filled with library books. A precursor to today’s book filled shelves and kindle! I have since wondered how often my mom had to pay the late fee’s on those books. I can’t remember returning them, although I’m certain we must’ve, but I can certainly remember the wonder of checking them out and the greed of having them awaiting me on my shelf.

Today, I am honoring my mother for showing me her love for books and passing that love on. She may have come to regret it because I am always asking her if she’s read such and such and what did she think, or pushing a new favorite into her hands. I think my mother should feel proud because she did such a great job in passing on that love. So, I want to say “Thanks Mom”! My life wouldn’t be the same without my journey through Oz and Rivendell. I’ve followed my own yellow brick road and it leads to a mountain of books that I have yet to read. When you’re ready to talk about that next book, you know where to find me…

XOXO and much love!

Discussion: What books did your own mother read to you? Do you have any special Mother’s Day book memories to share?

Until next Sunday,


fullsizerender-3 My mom.

17 thoughts on “This Chicks Sunday Commentary: A Mother’s Love for Books

    1. What a great idea! Do you all like to read the same books? It may be hard to pick one out in my own family. Lol. Reading is such a huge part of my life and it all starts with those books she read to me at bedtime. Funny, isn’t it how things shape your life? Writing this was a nice trip down memory lane.

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      1. We all have different preferences, but we all also love romance novels, so our book club is mainly romance novels. My mom reads any and everything, my sister loves historical romance, and my oldest sister and I have almost exact same taste.

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  1. I’m a reader because of my Mom, too. She was always at the library and she went to all the used bookstores or book exchanges. She always had books stacked beside her chair, and she was always reading. One of the first adult authors she introduced me to was Mary Stewart. I was into horses as a girl, and I remember Airs Above the Ground by Mary Stewart being one of the first books she suggested because it had Lippizaner stallions in it.

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  2. I remember getting Dr. Seuss books in the mail and Mom sitting between my sister and I reading to us. We were always reading. When we outgrew naps she had us sit quietly and read. She is still reading and so am I.

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