This Chick Read: Etched in Bone (Others #5) by Anne Bishop

This series has quickly become one of my favorites. I was eager to read Etched in Bone, while at the same time dreading it. Do you ever love something so much that you want to eat it up and put it off at the same time? This was one of those novels for me!

At the end of the last book, Marked in Flesh, we saw the terre indigene wipe out the HFL, but just because its leaders were gone, the feelings that they had stirred up in some of the remaining human population did not get wiped out. The elders, now cognizant that there are good and bad humans, are trying to determine what makes a bad human. They are doing this by watching the inhabitants of the Lakeside Courtyard, and their human pack.

Lt. Montgomery, Monty, has integrated his sister and mother into the Lakeside Courtyard without a problem, but when his brother hits town, the elders get to learn what the definition of evil is, and it’s not always an obvious thing. Jimmy’s evil is cunning, selfish and insidious and in a human pack, those things can cause its own kind of danger. Simon, the leader of the Lakeside Courtyard, recognizes this danger and wants Jimmy removed, but the elders want to observe him, and so he remains, spreading evil seeds everywhere.

This kind of evil was harder to read about than an obvious slasher/horror novel. I squirmed in my seat hoping for a change in subject. I wanted to read about Meg and Simon, and their relationship, as well as the other characters in the Courtyard. After finishing the novel, I could see why Anne Bishop took the story in this direction. It was a reflection on humanity and the lesson the elders learned was needed for the story to be complete. Luckily, there were lighthearted, heart tugging moments as well. The comparison of the dark moments and light moments gave the ending an impact than it wouldn’t have received otherwise. However, that ending didn’t satisfy my need for more.

I read an interview Anne Bishop gave that said that she is starting a new series set in this world. I hope we learn what’s happened to our residents of Lakeside in these books. I can only hope! ❤❤❤❤❣

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  1. I’m so glad to hear I’m not the only one who both wants to read something as quickly as possible and put it off so as to prolong my enjoyment! I have several series/authors who fall into this category for me. One of them has a book coming out next Friday. As I have a plane flight that night, I’m pretty sure I already know what I’m doing for those two hours.

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