This Chick Read: Break Out (Dark Desires #1) by Nina Croft 

Synopsis: Two thousand year old vampire Ricardo Sanchez won’t take no for an answer. Irreverent, insatiable, and utterly irresistible, Rico lives for no one but himself…  there’s more romance verbiage, so I thought I was picking up a paranormal romance.  I mean, wouldn’t you? Boy, was I in for a surprise!  A good one though! This book, the first in a series about the suave devil/vampire you read about above, and his FLIGHT CREW.  Yes, you read that right. Break Out is about Rico, the space vampire!  I have to giggle a little at that sentence.

Rico is a space pirate. A handsome devil, as most vampires are, in order to attract their prey, right? He is a pilot onboard a space craft, El Cazador, that hires itself out for mucho dinero. Skylar Rossario is an undercover operative sent on a mission to extract a prisoner from an impenetrable prison on a planet guarded by a black hole. Skylar hires the crew of El Cazador to help her break out this prisoner, who she claims is her brother. Skylar, of course, is also insanely beautiful (although not a vampire) and Rico takes one look and wants her…desperately.

This was a fun book, part action adventure and part romance.  There was a lot of plot and I liked all of the characters and their alien backgrounds.  I picked up this book for free at a convention and it’s my first book by this author, so I wasn’t sure what I was getting. I like science fiction, so once I got past my initial surprise I enjoyed this new author and her fun book. Hint-they have changed the synopsis on Amazon (as well as the cover art), so you aren’t taken by surprise by the science fiction storyline. After finishing this novel I took a look at the next one and it looks like the rest of this series is filled with the same cast of zany characters. I’ll have to give the next in the series a try as well. ❤❤❤❣

 New cover!

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