This Chick Read: Carnival Tricks (A Double Helix case files #1) by Jade Kerrion

In a world where genetically mutant humans are the norm, Sofia’s telekinesis skills are too mild to be called anything but Carnival Tricks. Waitressing while going to nursing school, Sofia finds herself in the middle of an illegal exchange of data between some scientists and the mob.  During the exchange she is shot up with the microchip and finds herself on the receiving end of a massive manhunt-for her. Kyle Norwood, hired to protect the scientists stays one step ahead of the mob in finding Sofia and ends up helping her keep the information out of the wrong hands.

This novel was a very interesting mix of science fiction and romance. The reader is let in on the secret that Sofia is a very mild genetically mutated human. Kyle is 100% human and is very prejudiced against anyone who isn’t. So you have a book filled with a couple different kinds of tension. There’s a mad race against the mob to keep the data out of the wrong hands and then there is the attraction between Sofia and Kyle, but Kyle doesn’t know she’s a mutant. Both plots were well played and I liked how Kyle’s prejudice was dealt with in a realistic way, even in a science fiction plot.

How would you like to be able to kill or heal with a touch or throw busses down the street with your mind? The other characters in this book gave this world an interesting edge and I’m excited to see their stories play out. Next up? Another book from the Genetic Revolution! ❤❤❤❣

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