This Chick Read: The Turn: The Hollows Begins with Death (The Hollows #0.1) by Kim Harrison

Kim Harrison’s The Turn is a leap backwards in time in the Hollows world to just before the Turn, when the human race was decimated by tomatoes. No it wasn’t the Attack of the Killer Tomato, but a genetically engineered virus that became transmitted to humans on a tomato plant.  For those of us that love and miss The Hollows, this is our chance to re-engage and learn about how this atrocity happened as well as catch up with some much loved or at least familiar characters (minus Rachel and her gang).

In the later Hollows books The Turn is referenced and is a pivotal moment when the other races; vampires, witches, were’s, pixies, etc. came out of the proverbial closet, or were outed. It was interesting to see that moment happen, and to see the involvement of some of the characters we knew, moments that were just hinted at before. As the story played with my own memories, I kept glancing at my bookcase where all of the other books were stacked trying to tie together these characters with those stories, and failing utterly.

Even though the storyline was familiar, the content was new. I got to meet Quen and Trent in their youth.  I still loved Quen, but the Trent Kalamack portrayed in this book was not the Trent at the end of the Hollow series. His black past was certainly part of his history, but to go from loving his character to the total lack of caring to others he portrayed in this book, was really difficult for me to swallow. I did love Trisk and Daniel, so did have someone to root for in this book, but it was harder to put Trent in that bad guy role again. I just wasn’t ready to do it. However, that did not take away from the fact that the story needed to be told and I loved being back in the Hollows. I did miss Rachel though…


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