This Chick Read: Marry Me at Christmas ( Fools Gold ) by Susan Mallery

Madeline Krug loves her small town of Fools Gold. She has lived there her whole life and after searching for her role  has finally settled on something she loves and does well, Bridal shop owner. She is great at finding that perfect dress for her brides, but never seems to have luck in love, herself.  Recently moved to Fools Gold, Jonny Blaze, action movie star is reveling at living in a small town where everyone treats him like a normal guy. Used to being followed by paparazzi, he keeps women at a distance not wanting to put them through that kind of attention.  He hires Madeline as his sister’s wedding planner, and quickly rethinks that decision.

This was such a sweet and charming love story. Every Fools Gold story I read makes me love this town a little more. Susan Mallery does a great job at writing characters that are easy to laugh, cry and love with. Madeline’s family is the one that people with crazy families like myself always wanted. Parents who are still in love and a brother who is protective and loving. Too good to be true, but not in Fools Gold!  Jonny gets close to Madeline, meets her family and starts to dream of having a normal life and family. He was such a funny character and easy for me to fall in love with. His love for his sister was sweet. He wanted the best wedding for her and his propensity to add on unneeded items for her wedding was charming and fun. Ice sculptures lining the driveway?  Really?  Totally silly, but loving too.

If you are looking for a light hearted Christmas romance with a guaranteed happily ever after, check this book out!  You can never go wrong with this author, and although short, this novel is a winner.


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