This Chick Read: Heart Breaker: A Nashville Nights novel by Erin McCarthy

Heart Breaker is a second chance love story about Country music stars Jolene Hart and Chance Rivers. Recently, they have broken up but their manager is holding their butts to the fire.  They are contracted to write another album and go on tour, and they need to get over their hurt feelings and get to work. Forced back together, their chemistry immediately ignites and all of the problems that broke them up are still unresolved. It gives them plenty to write about, but can they overcome their problems to find their way back together off stage as well as on.

Jolene and Chance seemed so young to me. Her jealousy keeps getting in the way of them truly developing their relationship into one filled with trust and respect.  Chance came from a famous family, and having grown up in the music business, he certainly brings his own baggage to the table. As a couple, they had a lot of chemistry. I mean they really couldn’t keep their hands off each other, but for me, that wasn’t enough to keep me invested in whether they will make things work. They made great music but otherwise made each other miserable.  I know this is fiction, and you need to build a story on conflict, but it would’ve been great if this author gave us more in these characters to root for.

I am not saying that this novel was poorly written. It really wasn’t. I can tell that the author is talented.  I just did not love these characters.  I gave this book ❤️❤️❤️, and in my blog, that’s an average score.  The bones were good, the setting was great, but I needed more from these characters than great sex.  In real life, great sex is, well, great, but you need understanding and respect in a relationship, and even though this book had a happy ending I just felt blah about the whole thing.


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  1. Lovely review! Too bad you couldn’t relate too much to the characters, often that’s what I look forward to the most in these kind of books : my relationship with the characters. If I can’t love them or at least relate to them on some level, I have a hard time with the story as well.

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