This Chick Read: One Snowy Night (Heartbreaker Bay #2.5) by Jill Shalvis

We were introduced to Rory and Max in The Trouble with Mistletoe, the second novel in the Heartbreaker Bay series.  Rory works for Willa in her pet store, and Max has a dog who he brings in for grooming a lot more than a dog probably needs to get groomed, just so he can talk, or stare broodingly at Rory. In this short novella, we learn that Max and Rory have a past when he offers to drive her home for Christmas. The weather creates a lot of complications for the two of them, and they discover things about each other that helps them heal a past rift.

I grew to love Rory in The Trouble with Mistletoe. She is a little hard because she left home at seventeen, but she has a soft gooey inside. I love that Max see’s through that hard outer layer and dives right into her warm gooey center.  Too much?  Lol.  Maybe, but I can’t help it. I loved One Snowy Night, it struck the right chord, and felt more like a novel than a novella. This short story was told well, and had a beginning, middle and a very satisfying end. Great job Ms. Shalvis!


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