This Chick Read: Frost Like Night (Snow Like Ashes) by Sara Raasch

Frost Like Night is the final book in the Snow Like Ashes trilogy. At the end of Ice Like Fire, Meira goes off with Rares to the mountains where he trains her to not fear her magic. If she embraces it, she has a chance against Angra to free all of the people of Primoria from the Decay. Meira has to search within herself to find the strength and courage to fight for her people even though she herself may not survive the battle.

This book wraps up a lot of characters storylines. Will Ceridwen let down her guard and let Jesse love her, will Meira finally get that happiness with Mather and the parental love she always looked for from Sir?  The story is very well paced with Raasch feeding the reader these gifts of love while at the same time watching these characters struggle against evil.  I shed a ton of tears reading this book, as a few of the characters I had grown to really like didn’t prevail against the Decay.  The contrast of emotions, varying from sadness and loss to happiness and love gave the final battle even more meaning. Meira had to overcome this evil, so that all of the people we had come to care about, that she had come to care about, would live in happiness and peace.

If you have read the previous two books, don’t let too much time pass before you read this conclusion.  It is very satisfying and you will not be disappointed.

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