This Chick Read: Nobody But You by Jill Shalvis

This is the third book in the Cedar Ridge series and so far it is my favorite.  Jacob Kincaid is Hud’s twin, from the second book in the series My Kind of Wonderful.  Jacob left home at eighteen after having an argument with his brother, entered the Army Special Forces, and didn’t speak to his brother again.  He returns from a mission, having lost his best friend and brother in arms, and wants to go home to Cedar Ridge and reconnect with his family, and reunite with his brother Hud.  

Jacob rents a home on a lake and finds Sophie, recently divorced and hating men, illegally moored at his dock.  Sophie and Jacob have an immediate connection.  She is wacky, funny and out there, and he is honorable, quiet, and solid.  As the Cedar Ridge series has developed, the characters have grown and are well fleshed out.  Sophie is a new character, just having moved to Cedar Ridge, but Jacob’s back story has been developed fully in the previous two books.  When we are finally introduced to him, we don’t need any explanation about his feelings for his family, but as the author gives us more insight, we are rooting for him to connect with his brother just as much as wanting him to fall for Sophie.

Sophie is so much fun to read about!  She so desperately wants to protect herself from hurt again, but also wants to live life fully and partake in all that is Jacob.  Her interactions with him are hysterically funny, the clown to his straight man.  He even admits at one point in the book that he likes sitting back and watching her, that he doesn’t need to be the center of attention, the perfect complement to each other.  The story keeps a certain level of tension because we know that Jacob’s time is limited in Cedar Ridge.  He has to report back for his final mission.  This makes his time with his family and Sophie even more valuable.  I wanted him to hurry up and make up with his brother and also to get Sophie to realize her feelings for him, but didn’t want the pages to turn too quickly because I was enjoying the story so much.

It was so wonderful to be fully engaged with a great Jill Shalvis novel again.  As I’ve said in my previous reviews of this authors books, her Lucky Harbor series is amazing, and I have missed reading new novels from that series, but after reading this novel, I may have found its replacement!

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