This Chick Read: Beyond the Stars by Stacy Wise

Beyond the Stars is a New Adult romance.  New Adult is a relatively new term, at least to me.  It is not YA, where the characters are in their teens, but is about people in their low to mid 20’s.  The storyline for Beyond the Stars is every New Adult woman’s fantasy, at least it was mine when I was in my early 20’s living in Los Angeles.  I had visions of myself at 24 attracting the eye of a then sane Mel Gibson or Tom Cruise (also pre-crazy).  Jessica, who is 21, is on a sabbatical from college and does her aunt a favor by becoming a personal assistant to movie star Jack McAlister.  Jess, who just got out of a relationship with an actor, isn’t thrilled about this job opportunity.  Jack’s reputation as a bad boy who dates a different girl a week does not sound like fun, but she loves her aunt and does her this favor.  I say this flippantly, But I’ll give credit where it’s due, Stacy Wise does a great job of giving these characters depth, and I’m glad I gave this new author a chance.

The following synopsis is directly from the authors website

Most girls would kill for the opportunity to work for Jack McAlister, Hollywood’s hottest actor, but twenty-one-year-old Jessica Beckett is ready to kick him out of her red Ford Fiesta and never look back. She should be spending her junior year in France, eating pastries and sharpening her foreign language skills. Instead she’s reluctantly working as Jack’s personal assistant, thanks to her powerhouse talent agent aunt.

Jack is private, prickly, and downright condescending. Jessica pushes his buttons—she’s not the type of girl to swoon over celebrity heartthrobs, precisely why her aunt thought she’d be perfect for the job—and Jack pushes right back.
But as she begins to peel away his layers, Jessica is shocked to find she craves her boss’s easy smile and sexy blue eyes. The problem is, so does the entire female population. And what started out as the job from hell soon has Jess wondering if a guy like Jack could ever find love with a regular girl like her.

Jess and Jack, as they were getting to know each other, were very prickly and judgmental.  If the author hadn’t moved the characters forward as quickly as she had, I would’ve lost patience.  They opened up to each other and Stacy Wise gave us something to care about with both of them and because of that I liked them, and liked the book.

I will admit to no longer being a 20-something young woman, and my fantasies are a little more adult and feature George Clooney, but it was fun to re-live my youthful dreams, if just through this novel.

Thank you Entangled Publishing for providing me with a copy through NetGalley for my honest and unbiased review.  This book  will be available for purchase on 2/8/16.



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