This Chick Read: Shannon Stacey’s Undeniably Yours

I have mixed feelings about today.  It’s Thanksgiving, and my husband and I were supposed to be on the road to be with my family in the mountains in North Carolina.  However, we found out this weekend that there was a mixup with the property management company and they rented our house to someone else.  So, our plans have changed.  We actually don’t have any.  We did get to the store to buy a turkey breast and will fire it up on the grill later, with some sides, rolls and a pie I had bought to take to the mountains.  We are set!  I will miss my family today, but we’ll be making the trek in a few weeks for Christmas.  This weekend will be a nice quiet time with my husband, some football and a few books.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, and the visit to my family (I thought), I checked out the second book in the Kowalski’s series by Shannon Stacey, called Undeniably Yours, on my Overdrive app.  In My First Book on the Blog, I gave a brief review of the first book in this series, Exclusively Yours, where I mentioned how much I loved the Kowalski family.  The main storyline of the second book revolves around Kevin, who we found out in Undeniably Yours had gotten a divorce from his cheating wife, and his love interest Beth, who is somewhat transient, not staying in one town for very long  before moving to the next.  Kevin and Beth meet briefly in the bar he owns and then meet up again when she’s working as a bartender at his brother’s wedding (Joe and Keri’s wedding from the first book), have a fling, and become victims of a failed condom.  Kevin, and his family embrace Beth and the situation, but Beth has trust issues, and somewhat stalls the romance.  As a reader, I became a little frustrated with that aspect of the storyline, but fortunately the author distracted me with brief vignettes from the Kowalski’s, their kids, as well as a side romance of Paulie, a co-worker at the bar.  Mike and Lisa’s youngest boy yelling jokes at Beth’s tummy throughout the book was charming!  Kevin, one of my favorite characters from the first book was just as funny, but even more had a sense of honor that made him almost Prince Charming-like, too good to be true in real life, but perfect for a light romance.  Beth started off so prickly that other than her looks, I wondered what attracted him to her.  As the book went on, the author gave us more background and I started to understand her and root for her but I didn’t care for this storyline as much as the first in the series, but it was so well written, and well, I do just love those Kowalski’s.  I will definitely read the next in the series.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy reading!

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