This Chick Read: Who doesn’t want to be a Rock Chick?  Or any Kristen Ashley character…

Although, if you’re a Rock Chick you have to be kidnapped, shot at, held hostage, kidnapped again, and possibly raped.  BUT!  You get to be a part of the greatest group of female friends ever.  I read Kristen Ashley’s Rock Chick series first out of all of her books, which is the correct thing to do because almost all of the rest of her series reference these characters and it helps to know their background.  As I read Rock Chick, I fell in love with Indy Savage and her best friend Ally.  Yep, this book is a romance and no, it’s not between two women.  Sorry guys!  However, as I read Indy and Lee Nightingale’s story, I got an inkling that this series might just be my fictional pot at the end of the rainbow.  Though that pot is filled, not with gold coins, but the greatest friendships between women I’ve read in a long time.

The first book, Rock Chick, is, as I said above, a romance between Indy and Lee.  It has to be said that the Rock Chick men, in all of the books, are as Alpha as I’ve ever read.  They know what they want, they don’t take no for an answer, and they do everything in their power to make “it” happen. The “it” scenes are a fabulous fantasy of what every woman dreams about, and will make you squirm a bit in your chair, bed or beach.  The hotter the scene the more I tilt the book, e-reader or iPad, to keep private the words I’m reading at that moment.  Linking these “it” scenes together, in between Indy and Lee falling in love, are some great female caper scenes a la Thelma and Louise. The humor in these books are reminiscent of the Stephanie Plum books by Janet Evanovich, but not as campy, and with more heart.  Indy and Ally’s relationship is built on history, as they were childhood best friends.  The stories we are told about their wild capers at rock concerts as teenagers, makes their adventures in this novel and some of their dicey choices more believable. They lead with their hearts, not necessarily their heads, and the adventure is grand.  Or it will be when the Wild Bunch, as their men are known, saves the day.

As each Rock Chick book in the series rolls out, we are introduced to another gorgeously flawed female lead with a huge heart and a great sense of fashion.  Each female is enveloped in to the Rock Chick group. Resistance is futile! These ladies will watch your back, join you on an adventure, give great advice, make a mean Cosmo, and have a bowl of cashews to nosh on.


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